Saturday, March 31, 2007

To Do Lists/Book Reviews

What a week. I made it through about an eighth of the things on my To Do List before giving it up and creating a "Shred To Do List" item. I felt much better after that was done...

Before shredding the list, I did finally "interview" two nonfiction authors in the mystery genre. The "interviews" are actually a series of questions I'm planning to pose to authors each month. It's my hope that people reading the interviews will find some useful information in the way these successful authors work. The interview with Hallie Ephron (Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel) will be posted in the Resource section of the MWA-MA site in May. In June you can see the interview with Chris Roerden (Don't Murder Your Mystery). The interviews in July and August will be with authors of mystery fiction.

Two new reviews are ready to go to the National Space Society. Both books are by Marianne Dyson, former NASA Mission Controller and winner of the 1999 Golden Kite Award. These reviews, Home on the Moon and Space Station Science, will join my reviews of Team Moon and the biography of Ilan Ramon.

I was also a field-trip-mom one day this week and, on a more mundane note, discovered that it's worth the trek to Bloomingdale's at White Flint if you're in the market for linens and work with Dangustard Palle on one of the days he's there! Right about the time I was getting ready to leave empty-handed AGAIN he came to the rescue.

Okay. Back to work. My novel is ready to go on an agent search. The middle grade series is ready to be written. It's time to query again. And tomorrow the kids are heading out with me to do research for my latest piece for Washington Parent.

I've started a new To Do List.

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