Monday, August 06, 2007

Harry Potter

Okay. By now you know what happens in book 7.

Unless you live under a rock somewhere....

So what did you think?

Was the Epilogue too sweet for you or did it feel right?

Were you surprised by who lived and who died?

Could you picture the battle scenes clearly in your mind?

I have to admit to being a bit surprised when I saw the HP series described as fantasy a bit ago. As much as I believe myself to be firmly rooted in reality -- okay, maybe not THAT firmly rooted -- Hogwart's and the Hogwart's Express are so real to me that it took a moment to realize the person wasn't joking.

Or incorrect.

I don't generally enjoy fantasy novels. (Too many rules and inconsistencies -- Sort of like trying to explain strikes and fouls in baseball to someone from another country.) But Rowling introduced Harry to the wizarding world and as she did, she introduced us, too.

Not bad.

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