Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time To Write

Lately I've met a number of very good writers who make me want to pay attention and learn from what they do. One of the unexpected things I've learned is that

No one has time to write...

The new parents and nanny-grannies are amazed that a newborn in the house does not make for writing time. All I can say to that is, "WHAT were you thinking?"

Similarly amazed at their lack of time are the writers who've taken leave from work, only to find themselves supervising all sorts of contractors taking care of everything there wasn't time to take care of when they were at work all day, every day.

As for parents of children who are all off to school for a full day for the first time... Let's be real here. It's going to take at least six months for them to get to where they can focus their attention long enough to get four straight hours of writing in a week -- let alone each day.

And an 80-hour a week job is pretty much the kiss of death for anything unrelated to work.

So none of us has time to write.

Except that's not really true. The truth is

Some of us have even less time than others!

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