Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been writing for eHow and experimenting with which keywords attract traffic.  Not terribly exciting, I suppose, but it's keeping me busy.  The fact that an article can make money - or not - based on the way you describe something is fascinating to me.  For instance, writing about Big Bear rentals is not nearly as lucrative as writing about Big Bear vacation rentals.  So who figures this out?  And how would you possibly know?

You can go to Google Adwords and do various searches to find out but even at that, you have to hit upon the right word at the start.  Some people I've spoken to find this daunting and not worth the effort.  The thing is, they seem more defeated by the concept than to be walking away form a position of strength.

I'm not walking away from any of this until I can make it work.

Wish me luck.


Robert A Meacham said...

I find this to be an interesting topic. I am a writer and now, addicted to eHow for what ever reasons? I aspire to be published by a traditional publisher, you know, the undiscovered novelist and poet syndrome. I like you, will not give up until I succeed. I wish you luck in reaching your goals.

Gina Hagler said...

Thanks! I'm wishing you luck, too.