Thursday, February 12, 2009

MicroSoft Stores? Oh My!

Have you ever noticed it's the really bad ideas that catch on?  Take for instance the Apple Store...  Please...   The place where aesthetics rules the day.  Geniuses are a dime a dozen.  And you need to make an appointment - from your computer! - to speak to one of the Geniuses sitting idly at the Genius Bar.  Ahhhhh.  Apple.  Customer Service Personified.

So it's only natural that MicroSoft - the people who brought, bring, and will continue to bring you software that crashes - will jump right on this bandwagon with....  You guessed it.... MicroSoft stores!  The jokes are already starting.  Will these stores be stocked with cartons of Vista and/or sell the infamous blue screen as a speciality item.  [Why pay for the blue screen when it comes free with the software?]

Okay.  This may be a bit of a curmudgeonly post but come on.  Aren't times tough enough without Microsoft in retail space of its own???

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