Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Ads

Okay.  The game was incredible, absolutely incredible.  For those who tune in just to watch the game, that was more than enough, but both of them are probably sound asleep by now...  For the rest of us the question remains -- which was the best Super Bowl ad?

Was it the one with the crystal ball/snow globe?  The ad with Mrs. Potato Head's lips rolling down the hill?  The advertisement of Hulu - which actually got me to go there and check it out.  The Clydesdale ones - which left my son wondering why a third generation American still had a Scottish brogue....  (Good question....)  The one about the birthday candles, the scarecrow, and ecomagination .   How about the one with the screaming woman?  Or the one with the animals and the soda bottle?

Which was your favorite?

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