Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good News for the East Coast?

After harsh winters, sweltering summers, threats of rising sea levels, and the reality of rising energy costs, is it possible there's good news for people from New York to Boston?

Could be.

A new study by the Carnegie Institution and California State University reports there's enough wind energy to fill the power needs of highly populated east coast areas - with plenty to spare. They based their findings on a study of nearly 30 years of high altitude (20 to 50,000 feet) "wind power density" readings. The wind density up in the area of the jet streams - 30,000 feet - produces 10 kilowatts per square meter - a tenfold increase over output at ground level. New York City led the world with a whopping 16 kilowatts per square meter.

Imagine for a moment, cruising at 30,000 feet on your shuttle flight from DC to NY and seeing not only clouds but tethered wind turbines! Imagine if they were brightly colored and there were separate "lanes" for aircraft and turbines? A veritable garden of turbines producing more than enough clean power for New York and the surrounding suburbs.

I don't know about you, but that's a sight I'd love to see.

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