Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tech Time: Over to the Dark Side

I'm pained to admit that I've gone over to the Dark Side. I have a Mac and an iPhone and, as infuriating as I find the Mac and the iPhone, I'm not going back to a PC.

I can painlessly and effortlessly synch everything for the first time in my entire life. I can get apps like QuickCal, which make my life easier by orders of magnitude, yet are free or mainly cost me less than ten bucks. I can listen to music I like on Pandora because it magically arrives on my iPhone - and all I had to do was name one thing for it to do that.

I'm old enough to remember the time when the only game in town was an Apple desktop. Then VisiCalc came out. First of the Killer Apps, it stole Apple's lunch and vaulted the PC to the top. With the iPhone and the Apps, it seems Apple has finally learned its lesson and is baaaa-aaaackkkkk.

All I know is that all my technology is playing nicely for the first time ever and my life is much the better as a result.

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