Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hello from Down Under!

I'm looking out my window at the Opera House in Sydney. My best buddy and often-writing-partner, Ally Howard, is just across the room. Yes. We're actually in the same hemisphere for the first time! We've gotten a lot of writing done and planned out several other books in our two series. (One is an early reader series with Useless Facts -- right up our alley - no pun intended. The other is a YA series that we're about to start.)

Sydney is beautiful and if you are from anywhere around or north of the Mason Dixon Line, do NOT believe it when an Australian tells you to pack for cool weather. It's sort of like someone from the Florida Keys telling you there's a cold spell. BUT Sydney is gorgeous with a wonderful harbour and a cool breeze.

Brisbane is awesome. It is right at the beach and has a wonderful jumble of streets and buildings.

Okay. Enough for now. Look for Jimboomba, Brisbane, and Sydney to figure prominently in our books!

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