Monday, July 21, 2008

Brown Writer's Symposium

I'm here in muggy Providence for the Brown Writer's Symposium. My critique group has nine members and Lauren Sarat as our leader. She's used terrific examples for the principles she's teaching. I know they're going to stay in my mind as I write. She's also said a couple of things that I never really considered in quite the way she framed them.

Last night there was a reading by Mark Arsenault. He spoke about his career as a journalist and as a fiction writer. (Just to be clear -- not at the same time on the same piece!) He was an engaging speaker and it was nice to hear someone with such a pragmatic approach to writing. Like - Forget your muse. Sit down and write something. You can fix it later!

Tomorrow we're discussing the personal essay. It should be good. And while I'm here, I'm going to workshop my aerodynamics of baseball narrative -- I know -- those of you who know me well are SICK and TIRED of hearing about that piece!

If the group doesn't nod off, I may actually consider it done.

Cross your fingers!

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