Sunday, August 03, 2008


Busy just doesn't cover it. I don't know why I expect the summer to be a time to get things done. With the kids out of school there are so many great things to do. Why do I think I'm going to settle down and clean or organize? However, those activities are essential if we're going to have a home that's still habitable by the time school starts again!

In the spirit of a clean house and sibling unity, we all cleaned together yesterday. Each kid has a job that appeals to him/her and two jobs they loathe -- hey, it's housecleaning not a day at an amusement park. It kept them all busy and remarkably united in their dislike of me in those moments. What else are moms for?

I have a lot of writing work to do. SciGirls is nearly revised. My baseball essay is coming along great. And I have a new assignment for Odyssey magazine.

Okay. Time to get some last minute things wrapped up before the week begins!

PS - Check out the new science/technology blog I'm co-writing with Margaret Balch-Gonzalez.  It's The Witches of Agnesi.  Take a peek and see why!

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