Sunday, April 26, 2009

ANSWERS to Friday's Trivia Quiz

How many did you know????

True or False
TRUE 1. Anaphylaxis was discovered while testing the poison of the Actiniae sea anemone on dogs. Page 125.
TRUE 2. The cyclical structure of benzene was suggested in a dream. Page 77.
FALSE 3. Vulcanization of rubber is named for the scientist who discovered the optimal temp and heating time for stabilizing rubber. Page 53.
TRUE 4. Auto safety glass evolved from a dropped beaker that broke but did not fly to pieces. Page 155.
TRUE 5. Daguerre discovered the importance of mercury vapor to his photographic process through trial and error. Page 49.
TRUE 6. When Archimedes hit upon the way to measure the volume of Hero's new crown, he was so excited he ran home naked. Page 1.

The credit for these facts belongs to the now late Royston M. Roberts of the University of Texas at Austin and his book, Serendipity: Accidental Discoveries in Science.

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